HotNewHipHop Campaign

//HotNewHipHop Campaign

HotNewHipHop Campaign


How It Works – Basically, we run your mixtape link through a hip-hop targeted circuit of people who get paid to participate in music forums. If you don’t have a mixtape, set up basic Twitter promo here.

You get 1 Week FREE Twitter promo with this campaign.

[Check the product description below to understand more about Streetkode’s social network, it’s authenticity, and our terms of service.]

  • *Mixtape Link

    *Customize Your Tweet:

    140 Character Max!NO Emoji's!

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Our Social Network @Mandapeee has 83,000+ targeted followers on Twitter. Her tweets are synched to her Facebook where she has another 7,000 friends/subscribers. @Streetkode has 75,000+ targeted followers on Twitter. Our @TeamStreetkode Twitter has 30,000+ targeted followers. [*The post to @TeamStreetkode option is a one-time post that is given to 1-Week promo and longer]

Authenticity Of Our Following A lot of niggas fluff their numbers. Should you ever doubt the authenticity of our following, you can audit our followers using the following links: @Mandapeee | @streetkode | @teamstreetkode

Terms Of Service – We reserve the right to reject any submitted tweet. We may suggest revisions of tweets so that they meet our terms. If we are unable to come up with a compromise, your payment will be refunded. Barring any grammatical errors, you will NOT be able to alter your tweet during promo. Make sure you finalize your text before hitting submit.

Here are some tips to help make this a speedy process:

• DO NOT @mention Celebrities
• If you copy & paste make sure ALL of your tweet shows up
• Do NOT speak for us [“Exclusive” x “Streetkode Approved”]
• No hateful, demeaning or derogatory tweets
• No more that 4 tweets can run concurrently

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