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40 Glocc – The Full Edit (The Game Diss)

December 16, 2012

We’ll go ahead and entertain this BULLSHIT on a slow day… 40 Blanks has gone off and recorded a diss for The Game. You would think with the money he got from his UN-gangsta lawsuit settlement, he could afford better production — atleast a ghost writer. **hits publish then hides**

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New Music: 40 Glocc – The Full Edit (The Game Diss)

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in GOD we trUst

  • http://twitter.com/VMW2011_ B-wit-it

    dis nigga talking bout some shit on sunset…Wack woulda broke dis nigga off by himself but Wack and Chuck!!! Woulda been over for that pussy..40 stay lyin…punk ass nigga

  • https://www.facebook.com/330YoungTwan330 ★☆Twan Escobar☆★

    why is this nigga even speakin .. you took a nigga to court over a ass beatin lol .. and won #40Cock you sir are a fuckin wangsta money aint gon get yo street cred back chump