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New Music: D-Sypha - No Grind No Glory

Kendrick Lamar isn't the only face of lyricism out here on the west coast. San Diego's D-Sypha is also an emcee from the left side who chooses to use wit with rhymes as opposed to the stereotypical khaki and chuck flow. Check out his "No Grind No Glory" and a couple of other lyrical treats.

Born and raised in Southeast San Diego, D-sypha, started as a poet that would write about his home and everything that happened in it. D-sypha (Syph)always had a love for hip hop; which evolved into him becoming the lyricist he is today. Rather than taking the mainstream approach, D-sypha was heavy in the local battle scene. Known heavily for his wittyness and punchlines, D-sypha became a respected local battle rapper and a lyricist that gains respect from mainstream artists. Every time you this wordsmith on a song be sure that you will have something that will leave you in awe.

New Music: D-sypha- No Grind, No Glory

D-sypha- Six-19 Nahmean (SD Anthem)

D-sypha - Punchline Festival Pt. 1

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