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Jay-Z And Rocawear Challenge You

Jay-Z is back on his Rocawear shit. Jay and Rocawear have some pretty dope packages for you [..#pausebutton..] if you accept their challenge. All you have to do is answer some questions [..in a non-snitching format..]. Hurry up.. You have until August 7th.

Video: JAY-Z from "Marcy to Barclays" Extended Version

We want YOU, the biggest Jay-Z fans around, to win the three different, big Rocawear, Jay-Z ticket- and Nets ticket- packages we've put together to celebrate. We'll be giving them away in three rounds throughout August and all you've got to do is answer some questions for your chance to win! Ready? Watch the Jay-Z Rocawear video below, answer the questions, and fill in your contact information by August 7 to enter round one. The prize this time? A bounty of Rocawear! And come back Aug. 8 for round two.

-The Rocawear Challenge

.. Click Here To Accept Jay-Z's Rocawear Challenge ..

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