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Mac Miller Caught High AF Off Cocaine?

April 5, 2012

Headlines are assuming that Mac Miller is hype off of coke in this clip. We vaguely remember him rhyming that he would never touch coke. Rappers lie and all, but c’mon – he’s a white rapper – they don’t lie. And what’s the deal even if he does sniff lines of coke anyway? – he’s a white rapper.

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in GOD we trUst

  • NuAllianceWest

    who cares…he’s 20+ – go worry about lohan’s repeated offenses that she gets away with…

  • chilo

    if you’re a mac miller fan like me you do your research, and mac miller in recent interviews said everyone’s asking him if he’s on coke he said hes just having fun. he would never do it, every ones freaking out man, chill the KID is only 20 years old