A Moment Of Clarity: Shyne Po

Shyne threw himself into the spotlight the moment his controversial comments about Kendrick Lamar's good kid M.A.A.D. city hit the nets. What would ensue was a firestorm of backlash from west coasters including Game, scHoolboy Q and Nipsey Hussle. In our opinion, Kendrick's album is a work of art... a creative masterpiece -- especially to those who live or who have lived the life Kendrick spoke of. How often do we get to hear the west coast told from a good kid's perspective? It was cohesive. It was genius. Sooo, as a west coast media outlet, we RIDIN' too, right...??!! Maaan, it's so easy to get caught up in the hype of it all. But, as REAL NIGGAS who respect both the coast we serve and the ideologies of a revolutionary, there was only one thing to do -- get a moment of clarity.

Shyne Po Dials in For a Moment Of Clarity


ne phone call -- In the world of hip hop, one phone call could mean the matter of life or death. Imagine if either Big or Pac would have dialed the other up to talk out their differences... We're pretty sure they would still be here today [Atleast 1 of them...]. But, who are we kidding, with the media instigating and hyping things up -- their destinies were sure to be fulfilled.

With Game recently threatening to "poke holes [in and] bury Shyne", it looks like this beef could easily cost Hip Hop some more heroes. As destiny would have it, the opportunity came about for us to get some clarification on the comments that set the west on fire. In this interview, we set out to get a broader sense of what Shyne meant by "trash". What would result was an hour long conversation that covered his thoughts on Game, Kendrick Lamar, Slim the Mobster, Rick Ross, Obama, the status of his Visa, the first places he's headed when he gets back home, and his idea of a classic.

With HomegrownRadio's Chuck Dizzle & DJ Hed holding down the conversation, Shyne Po speaks his mind and let's the Hip Hop world better know why he said the things he said.

Part One: Shyne Speaks On Beef With Game .. click to play ..


n PART 1 of the the hour long interview, Shyne reasserts that his opinion of Kendrick Lamar's debut album was a private conversation to his followers. Shyne takes the position of a tough loving big brother saying his comments were only words of encouragement for Kendrick Lamar. In regards to Game, Shyne says he has nothing but love for Game and out of loyalty he might have retracted his statements on Kendrick Lamar if he knew K.Dot was Game's lil homie. Shyne reiterates it's still all love [recorded 1 day PRIOR to Game's “Cough Up A Lung”].

In PART 2, Shyne speaks on; Who he thinks the king of the west is, The status of his west coast pass [Nipsey Hussle situation], his influence on today's rappers, the honesty of his music and his promise to never go back to the pen. In PART 3, Shyne addresses the Gangsta Disciples / Rick Ross situation, wishes Kendrick Lamar success, and gives some game to Game. In PART 4, Shyne talks Obama, his expectations for the president and some of the first places he's hitting when/if his Visa is approved.

.. Moment of Clarity With Shyne Po [Parts 2-4] + Game's Shyne Diss ..

Video: Shyne Interview Part 2

Video: Shyne Interview Part 3

Video: Shyne Interview Part 4

Video: Game Disses Shyne In Freestyle

.. The whole world is run on bluff - MARCUS GARVEY ..
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