The Sophomores: 10 MC's Better Than XXL's FreshMen

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10 Emcees Better Than XX's Freshmen


ne opinion of ours that is seeming to get NO BACKLASH at all is that "XXL's 2012 FRESHMAN CLASS IS STRAIGHT ASS YO!" This list has everybody asking if this a botched last minute scramble for quality emcees... a label buyout... or just a 4th and inches fumble on the goal line? We just don't know. But, with MTV's ass of a hottest "emcees" list, it's hard to not question the integrity of the freshmen selection process this year.

But, waaaiiit... !!! We gotta give props where props are due. XXL introduced to the masses the likes of B.O.B., Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, Curren$y, J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock, Fashawn, Wiz Khalifa, Big K.R.I.T., Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, and Mac Miller - all who have had subsequent successes. While XXL also shed spotlight on some duds like Charles Hamilton, Lil Twist and OJ Da Juiceman, with the success of the others in their class, it would seem as if these emcees' failure to rise fell upon their own marketing plan, hustle or quality of music.

On to 2012. Nigga, What the fuck?! Who are these niggas though? To be fair, we have heard of a couple guys on the list and see how their hustle would earn them such an accolade. HOWEVER, the majority of the list seem to be paid placements by labels. Do a couple favors for Diddy.. Scratch T.I.'s back... That's not a far fetched idea considering how JIM JONES made hottest emcee list while J. Cole was left off. If 2012's class has the same success rate as classes prior to it, 2 things are for certain: [1] Hip Hop is headed in a cold direction... [2] All this shit is set up... Can you imagine French Montana having a stellar year and going multi plat? We'd be too done. Dawwwwwwg...

Video: XXL Coppin Pleas At Hot 97 .. click to play ..


ut who are we? We're just a small online publication. What does our opinion matter. XXL is major. What they say goes, right? NOT THE CASE. As we stated before, our "SMH-ness" at XXL's 2012 Freshmen Class is shared with the general Hip Hop Community. The people spoke. The people's voice could be heard so loud and clear that XXL editors had to come down to Hot 97 to explain themselves and their sub par list. Looking at the video we've attached to the right, we're like - REALLY? These are the clowns that enroll the freshmen class? Where the fuck is Benzino [The Source] when you need him?

So if the people's choices aren't these clowns [or pokemon as Schoolboy Q said] on the cover, then who? We took to Twitter to ask Hip Hop fans who they felt deserved to be featured. Who did the people feel had more experience than XXL's freshmen... Who had more of a buzz... Most importantly, WHO HAD MORE SKILL THAN XXL's FRESHMEN CLASS?
.. You Spoke - We Listened - And the Sophomores were born ..

A$AP Rocky • Childish Gambino • SchoolBoy Q • Dom Kennedy • Casey Veggies • Rapsody • Alph-A-Bit • Compton Menace • Chuuwee • You?

A$AP Rocky


ea.. yea. We got the memo. A$AP Rocky was, in fact, supposed to be in XXL's 2012 Freshmen class. However, scheduling conflicts caused for that not to happen. Him no worry... Didn't seem like he wanted to be in a class of "corny muthafuckas" anyways. Regardless of a missed photo op, A$AP Rocky should have been included in the cover story anyways [.. what do you think Photoshop/After Effects is for? ..] Almost everyone who sent in their nominations had this Harlem artist on their list. His LiveLoveA$AP tape put him in the spot light and self-[co]directed visuals for "Peso" and "Purple Swag" generated the buzz he needed to secure a deal with Sony/RCA. A New York nigga with a Trill flow.. It works.. Coupled with ingenious production.. it's infectious. From nothing to something - that's God's work. As we await his studio debut, LongLiveA$AP, our only hope is that he balances the weed and bad bitch odes with substance-filled tracks for his newly acquired fans who walk in the shoes he once wore. One nigga teach two niggas, three teach four niggas - And them niggas teach more niggas...

.. Editor's Choices ..

Video: A$AP Rocky - Peso

Video: A$AP Rocky - Purple Swag

Video: A$AP Rocky Slams XXL Freshmen

Video: A$AP Rocky On Sneakers

Schoolboy Q

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Childish Gambino

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Casey Veggies

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Dom Kennedy

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Compton Menace

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.. throughout the issue we will feature music/videos from these sophomores - STAY TUNED ..
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