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Murs Brings Hip Hop To The SSMF! (September 8, 2014 2:25 pm)
New Kanye West Album Due Out This Year? (July 21, 2014 5:27 pm)
Chuck D On The Combat Jack Show (July 16, 2014 4:11 pm)
.. nigga we made it!! ..

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Murs Brings Hip Hop To The SSMF!

Hey... for all of you who were bummed out about the cancellation of this years PAID DUES - no worries - Murs just pulled… [→]

Chuck Dizzle Presents: Live And Direct | El Prez

Chuck Dizzle’s Live And Direct With El ...

With his city as the backdrop, El Prez touches on the significance of… [→]

Soulja Boy Caught Flexin' On Instagram

Soulja Boy Caught Flexin’ On Instagram

Somebody call SOCIAL SERVICES... Soulja Boy's gonna need it. Soulja Boy tried to… [→]

T.I. Wants To Stay After Tiny Threatens Him?

T.I. Wants To Stay After Tiny Threatens Him?

Hmm... when's the last time that you heard a song from Tiny? Niggas… [→]

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Destroy And Rebuild: The Nigga Civil War

Two gunmen shot to death a delivery driver in the Wentworth Gardens neighborhood after they asked if… [→]


The Day I Lost Faith In J. Cole

I was contemplating standing out in the rain for J. Cole's "Dollar And A Dream" show. Then… [→]

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FDA Music - Fame

Review: FDA Music – Fame

Houston's Fadi Abouabsi a.k.a. FDA Music is no stranger to the game. With 4 mixtapes and 2 albums already… [→]


Live Rich Die Loyal

Review: El Jefe – Live Loyal Die Royal

So, I’ve spent the past week with El Jefe’s Live Loyal Die Royal tape. He’s an Atlanta cat. And… [→]


Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography

Dilated Peoples – Directors of Photography

With the way the industry is now, Dilated would get a 10/10 review just for sticking to their sound… [→]

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